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Classic American Architecture
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Old American architecture -for all admirers of 17th-19th century American Homes
If you have ever admired the structure and detailing of an older American home, or have ever wondered "what ever happened to architecture with a little thought and class?", then this community is for you. America is full of beautiful and intricately detailed architecture. Many styles from different times and places have converged in American architecture, creating homes and structures that are uniquely American.

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This community is for people of like interests in American architecture to share their pictures of buildings, windows, doors, interiors and exteriors of classic American homes.

Classic American architectural styles include:

American Colonial:
-New England Colonial (1600's-1740)
-Colonial Cape Cod (1600's-1950's)
-German Colonial (1600's-mid 1800's)
-Saltbox Colonial (1650-1830)
-Georgian Colonial (1690-1830)
-Federal and Adam (1780-1840)
-Colonial Revival (1876-1955)

Other 19th century American architectural styles:
-American Gotich revival - wood (mid 1800's)
-American Italianate (1860's)
-Folk Victorian (1870-1910)
-Queen Anne (1880-1910)
-Shingle (1874-1910)
-Neoclassical (1885-1925)

Preferred material and features:
-trim detailing

You may post the state and city/town you saw the house, but in an effort to sustain privacy, do not post the street you found it on.

The above rule is exempt if the building is an established historical residence, which I have a feeling many of the buildings posted on here may be.

The idea of this community is to post pictures of your favorite classic American architecture, but discussion or history of the region you found the house in is also appreciated and welcome.

If you are a new member, please fill out the following survey and post it in your first entry along with your pictures (that is, if you have pictures to contribute at the time of joining the community):





How did you first get interested in classic American architecture?:

What is your favorite American architectural style?:

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